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Yay, after a week of "Allen eating", I only gained back a quarter of an inch out of the two inches I had lost off my waistline just prior to his visit.
Ok Allen, you live.
I'm just surprised that almost a week straight of laying around in bed (ALMOST all day, every day, fried food binging (ALL day, EVERY day) and drinking more thank one or two drinks for more than 2 nights in the same week didn't do far more damage.
A quarter of an inch can be dropped almost immediately by increasing how much water you drink and cutting way back on the sodium.
I just wish I dank a lot of soda or drank booze regularly; then I'd could drop half of the weight I want to lose with almost no effort at all... just by cutting out empty-calorie beverages.  
Portion control (especially when raised to "eat everything offered" and "clear your plate OR ELSE) and controlling boredom eating require much more discipline and changing your relationship with food.
I resume shooting videos once I lose the next 2.5 inches.
Now accepting video slave applications.

Mistress Genevieve

I love it when a session ends with online shopping.
What woman doesn't love to be spoiled with shopping?
Today one of my long-time regular boys cruised the internet looking for 2 items we've been wanting for future sessions together... mission accomplished for both.
We ordered one of these bottom feeder seats:
and one of these 26oz enema syringe bulbs (the largest volume we could find):

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Mistress Genevieve

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Well, the first dungeon is fully functional and has come a long way in the 4 weeks since the move, back to New Orleans... but not done.

Even though,  I still have a lot of other stuff I still want to do back in the first dungeon, 2 days ago I decided to begin working on the second dungeon, in the front of the house.

Both are awesome and most pleasing to me.  I'm quite proud of how quickly it's coming together and how well.

The first of the 2 photos below are the most recent pics taken of the first/back dungeon.
The last two are of the second/front dungeon, so far.  Not bad for having only started working on it 2 days ago, huh?

Posted on 2011.08.18 at 00:17
 Just got to use my leather body bag that I've had in storage for the last 7.
Actually, it's the first time I've EVER really got to use it because it was the I've been inspired to play with it and the sub actually fit it. This is especially sad because it's SUPPOSEDLY a size LARGE (and this sub was very trim and of average height).

Posted on 2011.08.14 at 13:30
 "LIKE" my new FaceBook fan group.
I'll be updating it regularly with tons of pics and more.

Just visit http://www.facebook.com/groups/231234486913476/?id=231685453535046&notif_t=like and click the LIKE button to receive notices of these updates and to be able to participate in the group.

Mistress Genevieve


Posted on 2011.06.15 at 04:35
 Monday, Hollie Stevens (my close friend, the Clown Porn Queen) has her 5th chemo treatment.

Though her chemo is half way finished; so far, we've raised only 9% of what's needed to help pay her battle with cancer's huge med bills.

Please show Hollie & her fab mams love & support at


My Art. Drawn last week and Now on My Zazzle

Posted on 2011.04.30 at 06:25
Current Location: United States, Houston, Arbor St, 1802
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 I did this drawing last Sunday and am VERY proud of how it came out.
Photo seen here: http://twitpic.com/4oo417

I'm so proud, in fact, that I scanned and uploaded the image to my Zazzle store and made it into an ipad case, an iphone 3 case and an iphone 4 case.

Not only is it available on these items I have posted for sale on my Zazzle store, you can actually customize the image, add text, resize, rotate, adjust placement and have it printed on whatever zazzle item you'd like.

U.S. Postal Stamps,
Greeting Cards,
Post Cards,
Framed Prints,
Wall Posters,
Embroidered Jackets,
Embroidered Polo Shirts,
T-shirts, Sweatshirts,
Keds Tennis Shoes,
Pet Clothing,
Skateboard Decks,
Neck Ties,
Key Chains,
Mouse Pads,
Coffee Mugs,
Christmas Ornaments,

I also have some other images and items available on my Zazzle store, that are able to be purchased as I designed them on the store or customized to your liking on the item/s of your choosing, as well.

Please visit my Zazzle store at http://zazzle.com/msgenevieve to see what all I've made available, so far... and check back, periodically, for lots of new additions in the near future.


Mistress Genevieve
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Posted on 2011.02.20 at 00:42
 Shameless birthday self promotion: Only 4 days left till my birthday http://amzn.com/w/1JJHJNUCKPE2T

Taking phone & cam sessions tonight on NiteFlirt

Posted on 2010.07.01 at 19:15

Taking calls tonight through morning:
1-800-TO-FLIRT ext 03-02-883-0
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Taking cams on yahoo and skype:
1-800-TO-FLIRT 03-02-896-61-800-TO-FLIRT ext 03-02-896-6
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There have been requests for photos and info on My assistant/protege, Goddess Stephanie.
I've done one better and posted an impromptu POV smoking clip she and I shot while we were playing dress up 2 weeks ago on my youtube... www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDxgNvKTswg

Due to Stephanie's inexperience, she only does double-Domme sessions (at a lesser tribute) and is available for voyeurs sessions in which I dominate her for your private viewing.

I also offer double Domme sessions and multiple Dommes sessions with my close friend and extremely experienced fellow Pro-domme, Domina Shannon ( http://www.dominashannon.com ) .I also have a couple of other Mistresses I am acquainted with in the Houston area for the truly adventurous looking to experience, not merely a Mistress but to live out their fantasies of a FemDom Utopian society.

Same day appointments with either myself, or both Me and My assistant, Goddess Stephanie, may be available with a minimum of 3-4 hours notice. Otherwise...
Double Domme and Multiple Mistress sessions may require a day or more notice to best suit the schedules of all Domina's involved.

Same day sessions will take place in My private dungeon,located in the Midtown/Museum District of Houston, OR...
You may request to play in Domina Shannon's private dungeon (in West University, near Post Oak/The Galleria ) or in public sessions with a day or more prior notice and deposit.

An extensive, but not necessarily complete, list of My personal interests explored in session may be seen on my ad at http://tinyurl.com/mybackpagead.

My assistant may or may not be available to actively participate in some acts I've listed due to her own consensual limits and/or lack of experience, but you still request that she join us just watch most of these sessions.

This goes much the same for all others who join us...
My interests in no way speak for those of Domina Shannon or any other Mistresses who might join in session. Domina Shannon has a basic list of her limits an interests listed on her website at http://tinyurl.com/dominasinterests. Please read her interests prior to requesting a session and don't request her participation in any act that she listed amongst her limits. If you just want he to watch such scenes please respectfully request her to view and she will approve such requests at her own discretion.

So, what are you waiting for?
Bend over and take it like a man!!!

Session bookings and inquiries may be made directly by calling Me directly at (713)539-7002, between 10am and 10pm, from an un-blocked line)

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Mistress Genevieve


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